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Carpet Storytelling

In every carpet is a containment of the world. Join us during this magical evening about the hidden stories in carpets.
This event is in English
Friday 13 Nov 2015, 20.00
vr 13 nov 2015, 20.00
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Every carpet is historically a garden. As the garden (especially the eastern garden) is a sort of map of the world, the carpet consequently is an visualisation of the world. For centuries human beings have been hiding their dreams, culture and personal stories in carpets. This autumn evening is fully dedicated to these carpets and their hidden messages, visualised by graphic elements. Our artists will take you on a visual journey and share their stories and interesting work methods with you!

Lieven de Cauter – Brussels
Lieven de Cauter is a philosopher, art historian, writer, and activist. He will shed light on philosopher Michel Foucault’s concept of heterotopia  (a way in human geography to describe places and spaces that function in non-hegemonic conditions), in relation to carpets. Why are hetrotopia’s important? ‘We, the West, think there is nothing in between the private and the public sphere, the economics and politics’, he says. ‘But there is a third sphere, not only outside these two, but also linking these two: hetrotopia’s. It may be the most important human dimension.’

Petra Blaisse, Inside Outside – Amsterdam
Designer Petra Blaisse works in a multitude of creative areas, including textile, landscape and exhibition design. Starting with installations of architectional work, gradually her focus shifted to the use of textiles, light and finishes in interior space and, at the same time, to the design of gardens and landscapes. Inside Outside, which she founded in Amsterdam in 1991, works globally in close collaboration with architects and takes its motivation from the combination of needs that are inherent to exterior and interior designs. The soft, absorbent requests of inside spaces are traditionally in direct opposition to the hard, durable requirements of public space.

Barbara Broekman, My Town – Amsterdam
Barbara Broekman uses textiles and textile techniques in the first instance as a conceptual motif. The interweaving of micro and macro, the combination of the universal and the personal and their processing in complicated patterns, and the huge format of the works are recurrent elements in Barbara’s oeuvre. She will talk about her work in general, but also about her major carpet My Town: A Celebration of Diversity for the Amsterdam Museum in which all the nationalities of Amsterdam are hidden.

© Gert Jan van Rooij

© Gert Jan van Rooij

Magic Carpet – Chalus, Iran
Graphic designer Rogerio Lira and filmmakers Maartje Nevejan and Alwine van Heemstra will talk about the Iranian Magic Carpet based on the life stories of 12 young women from Omid in Teheran, Iran.They will reveal how they came up with the designs hidden in the carpet in a Lab they directed in the coastal town Chalus, Iran. The three artists, working regularly together, use a specific interview technique from which their work emerges.

Het Tapijtmuseum – Genemuiden
Did you know that sixty percent of the Dutch production of broadloom carpet originates from Genemuiden? No wonder this place in Overijssel has a museum fully dedicated to carpets! Centuries ago, even before 1500 (!), the town already produced mats made out of biezen (bulrush), which grows in the shallow waters along the rims of the Zuiderzee. At the end of World War I, one of the producers got his hands on a shipload kokosgaren (coir yarn), of which he made cocos carpets (very Dutch). The museum now has the the largest collection of cocos carpet patterns in the world. The newest product of which carpets are made is tufted kunstgras (turf).  A representative from this extraordinary museum will give a talk –Van Bielzen tot Kunstgras – about the Dutch tradition with carpets.

The talks of this evening will be held mostly in English. The chef of Pakhuis de Zwijger will prepare a special dish for this evening! We have limited seats available, but you can easily make a reservation via 020 – 788 44 33.

This event is in English
Friday 13 Nov 2015, 20.00
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