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How can we build a national and global youth movement against climate change?
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Friday 19 Oct, 17.00
vr 19 okt, 17.00
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In the runup to the UN climate negotiations COP24 in Poland Local Conferences of Youth (LCOYs) will take place in 20 countries. At these LCOYs, not the world leaders but young people will enter into dialogues. In this openening ceremony of the first LCOY of the Netherlands, we will talk about the role of youth in the climate debate. We invited national and international youth leaders to discuss how we can turn the tides and demand rapid action.

In this program

Marcel Beukeboom
Fleur Ydema
Fossielvrij NL
Viktor Jósa
YOUNGO member from CliMates
Kauthar Bouchallikht
Voorzitter Groene Moslims, Duurzame Jonge 100, journalist
Lena Hartog
Coordinator LCOY & Fossil Free NL
Lennart Tiller
Initiator of the LCOY project & Environmental Politics student in Amsterdam
Talissa Soto
Climate Liberation Bloc
Linde Nieman
Voorzitter bij de Jonge Klimaatbeweging
Marieke van Doorninck
Wethouder ruimtelijke ordening, grondzaken, duurzaamheid, klimaat en energie in Amsterdam

About the speakers:

  • Fleur Ydema works for Fossielvrij NL. She helps building on a citizen movement that asks public institutions to cut their ties with the fossil industry
  • Viktor Jósa’s ambition roots from his youth engagement in the UN climate policy lobby. As a youth stakeholder in the World Health Organisation and UN Climate Change processes he has developed an interest in the health aspects of climate change, which he strives to bring to the public by bridging the gap between young people and international policy processes. Empowerment Co-director is his volunteer-based role within CliMates – a youth-led think-and-do-tank of international outreach to educate and mobilize youth through innovative tools for action. With CliMates he is visiting schools striving to introduce a mindset by putting the individual in the role of climate policy decision-makers through negotiation simulation.

    As his current mission, he aspires to help raise the ambition of healthcare towards climate-smart solutions through his policy advocacy expertise and youthful drive. As a passionate freestyle skier and cyclist, he is worried about the climatic future of the Alpine region.

  • Lena Hartog is coordinator of the LCOY. Active in the climate movement for Fossielvrij NL programmanager for events on sustainability and collective action like Make the World Great again and RAUM. Lena is motivated to build a strong climate youth movement combining activism with positive solutions.
  • Lennart Tiller is the inititiator of the LCOY project and politics student at the Amsterdam University College. The climate justice protests in Amsterdam in Bonn last year motivated Lennart to devote his energy on fighting climate change. He believes that young people have the ability to push society forward to achieve an ever more ambitious transition.
  • Talissa Soto (1993) is an activist-scholar, organizer, trainer and poetworking on at the intersection of climate justice activism andintersectional, decolonial organizing. In college, she was involved withstudent organizing around racial and climate justice, (anti-)policebrutality, and migrant rights. She completed her Master’s in sociologyat the University of Amsterdam with a focus on migration, and wrote herthesis on intersectionality praxis. For the past two years, she has beenactive in various capacities in feminist, anti-racism and climatejustice movements in the Netherla, and currently works as a trainer forStroomversnellers giving trainings on direct action, movement building,and power dynamics. She has written poetry on (her) queerness andrelation(ships) for some years, and has recently begun to perform her more political pieces.
  • Kauthar Bouchallikht is charmain of Green Muslims (Groene Moslims). Together with the board she works towards a greener world, inspired by the Islam and works with everyone who also believes in sustainable principles.

  • Linde Nieman is the chair of the Young Climate Movement (Jonge Klimaatbeweging). The JKB strives to give young people a voice in their own sustainable future. They unite the voice of more than 55 youth organizations, to influence climate and sustainability policies. Linde has an idealistic view of our sustainable future and wants to translate that idealism into setting realistic goals that a broad group of society can support. Linde is currently involved in the negotiations of the Dutch Climate Agreement, where she represents the voice of young people in the Netherlands. She was also voted one of the Sustainable Young 100 of 2018.


From the 19th – 21st October the first Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) of the Netherlands will be organized in Amsterdam. Together with 18 other LCOYs taking place all over the world, they will follow the Fijian tradition of Talanoa to connect, to learn, and to find our role in fighting climate change. After a kick-off at Pakhuis de Zwijger, the weekend will start with a full programme packed with workshops and inspiring lectures and debates. Multiple sessions will be taking place in parallel so that you can choose yourself what you want to learn or practice. At the end of each day, the participants will come together in Talanoa Dialogue sessions to collect everything they learned – and to find answers on the many questions of climate change.

The Dutch LCOY Team


The LCOY is organized around the Talanoa Dialogue: a tradition from Fiji that is also used in the UN negotiations. Using these dialogues young people from different climate movements and organizatoins will discuss how they see the future of the climate movement. 

The three day conference will take place at Amsterdam University College.


This event is in English
Friday 19 Oct, 17.00
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