Global Trends

Think Big, Act Small

Learning from effective use of resources from all over the world.
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Thursday 12 Dec 2013, 20.00
do 12 dec 2013, 20.00
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In a circular city we use water, energy, food and waste in a more smarter and effective way. In all the previous episodes of the program De Circulaire Stad (The Circular City) we have seen a lot of ‘circular’ activity in the Netherlands. Loads of inspiring and sustainable initiatives already exist and are all initiated by people with a vision.

These pioneers pave the way in making a structural change in our thinking and behavior in this domain. However, not only in the Netherlands we notice this shift. All over the world there is a growing notion that things should and can change. Everyone is able to make a contribution to a sustainable economy. Think big, act small.

This event is about inspirational initiatives outside the Dutch borders. We willl go on a journey through Uganda, Nepal and India. International speakers will introduce us to small-scale initiatives which have a big sustainable impact. This meeting is about learning how to make better use of our natural resources and about the possibilities that are given in our direct environment.

Indira Shakya and Zenrainman tell us about ‘smart roofs’ in Nepal and India that provide water, food and energy. Teddy Twine and Maarten Onneweer (RAIN Foundation) show us that a wide palette of small actions can lead to an almost self-sufficient system in Uganda. Benedikt Wirmer from Waste tells us about the Ecosan project in Peru about the innovative use of urine and grey water to irrigate and fertilise crops on a household level. Marcel van Heist will speak about Rural Spark. The goal of this project is to to give Indian villages without electricity the opportunity to make their own, sustainable power-networks.

Rob Hopkins (Transition Town Movement), Eva Gladek (director Metabolic), Sjef Ernes (Aqua for all) &Mark Hillen (director Social Enterprise NL) are present and will give a reaction on the presented cases.