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How animation can increase awareness on environmental issues. Go green!
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Tuesday 5 June 2018, 20.00
di 5 jun 2018, 20.00

It’s time for a change. Or should we say, it’s time TO change? If we want to save our planet for our offspring, governments need to step up, businesses need to do better, and consumers must take charge. Animation is a highly effective medium for increasing such awareness and - better yet - changing people’s perspectives on things. By clever use of animated characters, which lets you empathise with the earth, a fish, or even a banana, animation will not only inform people, but it will capture their attention effectively and it encourages them to tell others about it. Let's explore how animation can literally change the world: talks and a selection of short animated films are waiting for you.

Creature of Habit, Mayfly & Databeessie

Selmore is an independently owned creative agency that believes in Guiding Ideas: ideas that give clear direction to the client’s campaigns and business. For their client ASN Bank they took on the challenge making people aware of their habitual behaviour and how it can stand in the way of sustainable progress. To bring habitual behaviour to life, they created the tale of  Creature of Habit (Het Gewoontedier) and his encounters with the Money badger (Stropdas), using a mix between live action and animation. The campaign with its recognisable illustrative style was a major hit, and more characters followed. After adding Mayfly (Eendagsvlieg) to the story, prepare now to be charmed by Databeessie, who made an appearance on tv and online last month.


Johan Klungel works both as an illustrator for children’s books and magazines and as an animation director. Johan likes drawing characters –  they just keep coming out of his pencil. It still amazes him how a couple of lines on paper can suddenly look back at you and seem to have a personality of their own. Next to working on many commissioned films and TV-series, he wrote and directed two award-winning animated shorts that have been shown around the world. One of them is Super, in which main character Albert gets lost in the seductive world of pretty packages.

First aid kit for climate change

Your eyes are open… but your hands are still in your pockets. You can see the enormous threat of climate change, but you wonder what you could possibly do about it? Good news: sustainability can be fun. And sexy. At least, according to Anabella Meijer, also known as Kanai. Anabella is a visual storyteller, cartoonist and graphic recorder, which basically means she gets paid to doodle during meetings. Turning complexity into attractive visuals is her core business. Because of her passion for psychology and the climate, she’s been working on a book for the last three years. The result? First aid kit for climate change: in five steps towards a flourishing future, for you and the planet, which will be released in October. If you want to support her project, the crowdfunding campaign will be released on June 5!

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This event is in English
Tuesday 5 June 2018, 20.00
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