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The Urban Challenge

Discussing the new city agenda on circularity with international experts Simin Davoudi & Joan Fitzgerald.
This event is in English
Monday 12 Jan 2015, 20.00
ma 12 jan 2015, 20.00
IJ Zaal

In 2050 70% of the world population will be living in cities. Although they cover just 2% of the earth’s surface, cities consume nowadays already 75% of the resources utilized by mankind. To make our planet more sustainable, cities have therefore a great responsibility and have to play a key role, since national states, international organizations and global companies are caught by blenching political and economic powers. Experts will flip this to experiences in the UK, the EU and the USA, and will participate in the debate.

Cities are ‘metabolic’ systems working through continuous flows of energy, mobility, water and waste. The management of these flows in a circular economy is key in enabling both efficiency and livability, either sustainability. It implies important challenges for city governments and it needs to stimulate a radical change on individual attitudes towards consumption.

We will discuss these challenges for the City of Amsterdam, where the new deputy mayor Abdeluheb Choho has launched recently a City Agenda on Sustainability.


7.15 PM


7.30 PM

Introduction by Natasja van den Berg (moderator)

7.40 PM

Interview with Abdeluheb Choho (deputy mayor Amsterdam) on New City Agenda on Sustainability

7.50 PM

The situation in the UK and the EU by Simin Davoudi - Discussion: start by Jacqueline Cramer

8.30 PM

Coffee break

8.45 PM

The situation in the USA by Joan Fitzgerald - Discussion: start by Jacqueline Cramer

9.30 OM

Closing comment by Abdeluheb Choho

9.45 PM


This event is in English
Monday 12 Jan 2015, 20.00
IJ Zaal
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