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The Uber Economy

Dynamics and opportunities of the Uber app, AirBnB and the sharing economy in Amsterdam. VergrootTag personen
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Monday 20 Oct 2014, 19.30
ma 20 okt 2014, 19.30

Innovative new ideas enable every citizen to share just about anything and therewith create some extra income or personal benefits. Think about people who become informal taxi driver in their own car by use of the app Uber, or who sublet their apartment for short stay on AirBnB.

The expanding ‘sharing economy’ have enormous consequences for the city Amsterdam. E.g. what will happen to the hotelsector in Amsterdam, while at the same time hundreds of new rooms are being built? And how should the government respond? What are the consequences in terms of legislation and enforcement? One of the housing corporations in Amsterdam, De Key, wants to allow their social renters to let their homes on AirBnB. However, in Berlin Uber app has been prohibited because of unfair competition. On the other hand, local residents are increasingly annoyed by tourists, but the new dynamic also creates new business opportunities. How can the government get this on the radar? One can think of different outcomes of the civic economy, but what is the desired direction? And what are the opportunities of this new dynamic for Amsterdam?

The evening session Talk of the Town #65: The Uber Economy will focus on the consequences different initiatives might have for the city of Amsterdam. The evening is opened by ImpactHub after which four on-topic cases present their project, as well as the problems they face; e.g. GoBoat is forbidden by Waternet and De Key wants to allow social renters to sublet their houses through Airbnb. The Amsterdam municipality will be present to contribute to the discussion.