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The Plastic Era

Celebrating our addiction to plastic, with Dave Hakkens and Francesca Miazzo.
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Tuesday 26 Jan 2016, 20.00
di 26 jan 2016, 20.00
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Let’s celebrate our addiction to plastic! Join us alongside diverse leaders in progressive plastic knowledge and practice to experience, discuss and debate our shared opportunities for shaping a more sustainable Plastic Era.

Have you heard of plastiglomerates? They’re hybrid rocks embedded with plastic, marking plastic’s place in the planet’s geological composition. It’s safe to say we’ve reached a point in history when plastic is dangerously pervasive – in the environment and our own bodies. Welcome to the Plastic Era.

On January 26th we will bring together a diverse group of leaders in plastic knowledge and practice to share their work and insight, to debate, discuss, explore and celebrate with you our shared present and possible future in the Plastic Era. Focusing on three themes, we will talk about plastic as material, connector and politics – about (re)use, building community, sustainable management and more.

A remarkable material, plastic is relatively low cost, easy to manufacture and versatile. These qualities led to growth in plastic-based, industry-created material solutions. Today, we see industrial efficiency creating more and more problems for the environment and society. The Plastic Era presents a time when we can co-create human-scale plastic solutions, and when we can find harmony among industrial efficiency and cultural development.

Plastic waste is a valuable material resource that is extremely under-tapped. Present-day solutions can profit from its abundant availability, innovating more human-scale processes that shape more sustainable and connected urban societies. It’s time that plastic’s possibilities are rediscovered and rethought. It’s time to change from a linear to a circular relationship with plastic in the future of our everyday lives. The transformation is under way…

Dave Hakkens of the Precious Plastic is a pioneer in experimenting and advancing newfound plastic possibilities. He will talk about his experience in turning wasted plastic into renewed material, which he (re)processes into new products using a set of unique self-designed machines and tools. Hakkens’ impressive designs are shared in beautiful open source documentation, welcoming the opportunity for all to learn from, apply and build on his work as he continues pioneering plastic possibilities.

CITIES’ WASTED project also designed and built small-scale, open source plastic (re)processing machines, but we put people at the center of the equation. Our community-activated project currently has approximately 500 participating residents in Amsterdam Noord. Project manager Barbara Koole will tell us about WASTED’s collection and reward system, as well as its nationally-expanding plastic educational package. Ultimately, WASTED co-operates with community in a novel, interactive scheme that seeks to cultivate behaviors that shape more sustainable futures for all.

Francesca Miazzo, CITIES’ co-founder and managing director, will open the evening. Three keynotes will follow, featuring designer Tal Erez, Dave Hakkens and Barbara Koole, with reactions from Jonas Martens of Better Future Factory’s Perpetual Plastic Project, Hester Klein Lankhorst, director at the Knowledge Institute Sustainable Packaging and Bernard Merkx of Plastics Recyclers Europe and GreenWavePlastics. Questions and discussion with the audience will flow throughout the evening.

Bring your plastic!

To make this evening even more spectacular WASTED will bring their delivery bicycle to collect all your plastic-garbage.

This is how it works; bring a plastic bag full of plastic waste to Pakhuis de Zwijger before the program The Plastic Era starts. Put the bag in the delivery bicycle, which will be outside, in front of the building, and you’ll get a WASTED plastic coin as reward for your ‘good behaviour’. You can exchange the coin for a cup of coffee in the café of Pakhuis de Zwijger or for something else at other places in the north of Amsterdam. Wasted will re-use the plastic you give to make new products that add value to the neighbourhood. From the 26th on, Pakhuis de Zwijger will be the first Friend of WASTED in the centre/east of Amsterdam where you can use the plastic currency of WASTED.

This is the Plastic Era. Let’s celebrate our addiction to plastic!

This event is in English
Tuesday 26 Jan 2016, 20.00
Grote zaal
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