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The Moody Orchestra

Musical poetry that is sometimes mysterious, sometimes crystal clear, but always in a melancholic mood.
vrijdag 1 dec 2017, 18.00
vr 1 dec 2017, 18.00

The Moody Orchestra started out as a joke. After Outatune, the first band of German singer-songwriter Tobias Oeckler, died of natural causes, some friends
and fans urged him to hit the stage alone. In spite of excursions and liaisons into the rock’n’roll, psychedelic and electronic genres in other formations such as 5vor11, Sportwagen, Captain Fantasy, Einkaufswagen or most recently Echofly, Tobias stayed true to The Moody Orchestra.

Over the years, an EP, a collection of demos and three studio albums were produced. Just like every song has its own mood, his recorded works reflect his love for various genres and reach from fragile songwriting craft to collaborated tunes in more ‘orchestrated’ garments. The latest albums ‘A big step’ and ‘Aum’, that were simultaneously self-produced, clearly show this vibrant mix of contradicting opposites. His songs are characterized by their personal and poetic lyrics, sometimes cryptic and mysterious, sometimes crystal clear, but almost always carried out in a cleansing melancholic mood.