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The Italian Challenge

Four Italian and Dutch co-operation projects will show how they challenge the transition in Italian urban landscape.
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Monday 7 Mar 2016, 20.00
ma 7 mrt 2016, 20.00
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Last year the Dutch Embassy in Rome and the Consulate General in Milan called out for urban projects about Food, Water and Energy. The purpose for this open call was to get Dutch and Italian architects, researchers and other creatives to work together on urban challenges. This resulted in a successful programme of Dutch Italian collaborations. For this evening we invited four of these projects to Amsterdam to tell us how they worked together, the different urban challenges and future projects.

The Granary

GranaryThe Granary: Food Security, Cities and Architecture presents an Architectural History about how the storage and distribution of grain has been one of the main drivers of politics and the economy and has shaped our cities and landscapes since man first settled and invented agriculture thousands of years ago. ‘The Granary’ is about more than a building type or urban form; it is first and foremost a genealogy of our answers to the problem of providing food security for an increasingly urban global community. This project was supported by the Dutch Embassy in Italy and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Crimson Architectural Historians design for the city, research it, write texts and books about it, show it in exhibitions and works of art, teach about it, give advice on it and make policies for it.

Atelier Taranto

UNLABAtelier Taranto is an “Urban Laboratory” based on an inclusive design approach for the sustainable development of the city, the harbor and the territory. Dutch and Italian professionals, architects and creatives work together to design a strategy to find new and different sources as food, water and energy for the future city.  Promoted by Unlab with the support of the Dutch Embassy in Italy and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

The international office Unlab based in Rotterdam practice architecture and urbanism by researching, experiment and designing.

Il mercato al centro

IlmercatoalcentroThe objective of Il mercado al centro was to explore with experts working in the Netherlands which could be the future role of markets in the rianimation of the neighbourhoods from a social point of view as a service to the citizen, from the health one thanks to quality food, from an environmental one with short chain food distribution and lastly from an economic one supporting local production.

Il mercato al centro is a cooperation of Eutropian, the TUTUR project of the City of Rome, TSPOON and supported by the Dutch Embassy in Rome.

The New Farms

newfarmsThe New Farms project aims at developing a toolbox for the reuse – whether durable or temporary – of vacant buildings in industrialized cities, chiefly Milan: by doing so, it aims at focusing its efforts on strategies which enable both municipal public and private stakeholders to push such reactivation processes. They focus on vacant municipal farmhouses, and deals with two intertwining topics: on the one hand, the agricultural heritage of the territory of Milan, and the contemporary issues related to the agricultural production, food security and metabolism of European cities on the other.

New Farms is an initiative organized by the Cultural Association New Generations, with the support of the Dutch Embassy, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the General Consulate in Milan.

This event is in English
Monday 7 Mar 2016, 20.00
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