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The Graphic Revolution

What skills are needed to prepare designers for the future?
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Tuesday 17 Apr 2018, 20.00
di 17 apr 2018, 20.00
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Whether it's graphic design or another niche you're considering or experienced in, lifelong learning should be your career priority because the design industry is constantly evolving. New technologies, societal trends, and disruptive markets urge for a new set of skills, much more fluid and responsive than ever before.

Prior to this event, we will be screening the documentary The New Design Landscape at 19.00 h. Feel free to join early!

What does it mean to be a graphic design professional in today’s world? What can we expect in the upcoming years? What role can education play, and how can we support current and a new hybrid generation of designers with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create?

The Entreprecariat

Artist, designer, and researcher Silvio Lorusso spends a good amount of his waking hours typing thoughts on technology, design, education, and the relationship between entrepreneurship and precarity, i.e. entreprecariatThe entreprecariat – in particular applicable to the millennial generation – is ‘the semi-young creative worker who puts effort in their own studio while freelancing for Foodora, the manager on the verge of a burnout, the employee who needs to reinvent himself as soon as his short-term contract is over, the fresh graduate who struggles to repay his loan with a top-notch university.’ Both precarity as entrepreneurship are both impalpable yet constitutive elements of the current social reality: how do we prepare the future and current generation for this new social atmosphere?

The New Design Landscape

What does it mean to be a graphic designer in a world in which social, economic and technologic mutations are rapidly and constantly shaping the way people communicate? What is its role in the new society? Erwin Slegers is head of the graphic design department at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. In 2015, he made The new design landscape, a documentary that sparks the still relevant discussion about the graphic design profession and the future of education in this field. What is the role of the designer in the new reality? Are we standing on the eve of the ‘fluid’ design? Is it time for graphic designers to undo themselves? To reinvent themselves in another way?

72U Amsterdam

72U Amsterdam is a creative residency born within the creative agency 72andSunny that explores the intersection of art, technology, and culture. The 1-month residency is focused on the participants’ creative growth and development. Through innovation, 72U-ers can help transform the future of the advertising industry. Existing to expand and diversify the creative class, 72U supports workshops and hands-on projects that aim to give back to the local community and make Amsterdam a nicer to place to live.

Examining black bodies in white institutions

According to graphic designer Sherida Kuffour, who is currently writing her MA thesis at Sandberg Instituut, everyone must have a fair and equal chance to be present and represented in public space, and by extension education – which operates as public space. With her own experiences as a black woman present in higher educational settings in both the UK and the Netherlands, her research focuses on the future of design, education and the social issues pertaining to race and class. How do black students create art in often isolating and discriminatory institutions and how can we prevent schools from behaving in a way that perpetuates post-colonial racism?

This event is in English
Tuesday 17 Apr 2018, 20.00
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