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Play the City & Jap Sam Books present

The future of city gaming

Which games will help us to build the city of the future?
This event is in English
Friday 1 Dec 2017, 19.30
vr 1 dec 2017, 19.30
IJ Zaal

During her doctoral research, Ekim realised that city games can inform urban development by turning the various stakeholders into players which actively influence their urban environment. A decade later, she runs the Amsterdam based city gaming company ‘Play the City', Ekim has detailed her unique city gaming experiences worldwide and is looking ahead to the future. How have city games thus far contributed to our urban environments, and how will they continue to do so? During this book launch, we will discuss lessons learned and ideas for the future of urban gaming. After a Q&A session with Ekim Tan, three guest speakers (a Play the City developer, user and client) will share their reflections on urban gaming with the audience.

Over the years, Play the City has organized a broad array of urban games, with varying partners, approaching different kind of city challenges. Looking back, what is the added value of applying such city games, according to the people who use, develop and play them? In order to get the best perspective on the how and why of urban gaming, Ekim Tan and three guest speakers share their perspectives on the past, present and future of city gaming:
  • The developer: Cristina Ampatzidou has been working with the Play the City team during the initial phase, helping to invent the Play the City method. She is now finalising her PhD research in city-gaming on ‘Playing with Urban Complexities’.
  • The client: Elizabeth Rapport works at the Urban Land Institute (ULI), which hired and later co-developed The Affordable Housing Game: a policymaking game to develop an implementable agenda for affordable housing across European Cities.
  • The participant: Rob Ververs works at Waternet and has frequently played the Circular Amsterdam Game in Buiksloterham: a role playing game designed for local entrepreneurs and citizens to gain knowledge on circular urban development and link it to their daily business.

Play the City: Games Informing the Urban Development

”New generations of city officials will speak the language of games and they will play to plan their cities. We, the experts working for the city, need to adapt our methods to fit a new generation of policymakers and city makers that are born into a world that not only contains, but is reshaped by, the likes of Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and Foursquare on a daily basis. Interactive maps, mixed realities, 3D environments, and multiplayer settings are the new mediums through which an entire generation perceives the urban world. Imagine a future where cities are modeled, tested, designed, and reshaped through interactive, collaborative games. At Play the City, we are working towards creating this future. This book, therefore, will inspire not only the city officials or experts in city making, like architects and planners, but anyone who feels interested and responsible for their living environments.”

This new book by Play the City is published by Jap Sam Books and designed by Edwin van Gelder from Mainstudio, made possible with the support of the Creative Industry Fund NL and the Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation.

About Ekim Tan

Born in Instanbul, Ekim relocated to the Netherlands after having worked and studied in the United States, Syria and Egypt. Being trained as an architect, her growing interest and passion in cities and games led to a doctoral degree at the Delft University of Technology, titled “Negotiation and Design for the Self-organizing City: Gaming as a Method for Urban Design”. In 2008, she founded Play the City, an Amsterdam based city consultancy firm that helps governments and market parties effectively collaborate with stakeholders. In conjunction with Play the City, Ekim also founded the Games for Cities platform, with the aim of supporting the new generation of city game designers and educating potential city gaming clients

This event is in English
Friday 1 Dec 2017, 19.30
IJ Zaal
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