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The Future of Urban Agriculture

Lectures by Nevin Cohen & Rositsa Ilieva (The New School of Public Engagement).
vrijdag 7 nov 2014, 19.30
vr 7 nov 2014, 19.30

The future of urban agriculture is not vertical, not even simply horizontal. It is distributed and networked throughout the city. In a growing number of cities, suburbs,and small towns, community groups and entrepreneurs have discovered innovative ways to harvest and grow food, using interconnected networks of relatively small plots of public and private land and shared resources. In the process, they are forging novel relationships among producers and consumers.

These ventures are unique in that they apply social networking tools, mapping technologies, unusual land tenure arrangements, and novel business models to forage and farm cities and suburbs. In addition, while they are grassroots, and based on aggregated small-scale production, collection, and distribution, they are replicable components of a civic agriculture network that has the potential to scale up, producing an increasing amount of food in cities and suburbs, putting urban land to productive use, recovering food that would otherwise be wasted, and helping to re-localize urban food systems. (For more informationclick here)

Contributions by Nevin Cohen, Rositsa Ilieva & Arnold van der Valk

Nevin Cohen is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at The New School, where he teaches courses in urban planning and food systems. Rositsa Ilieva is researcher and teacher at the The New School. She is an expert on the theory of transition. Arnold van der Valk is professor Land Use Planning at Wageningen University and connected with Platform Eetbaar Amsterdam.