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The Civic Economy: time to get ready

Civic entrepreneurs are on the rise. The private sector is nervous and governments are struggling to react. Annual EUKN EGTC Conference.
maandag 20 okt 2014 t/m dinsdag 21 okt 2014
ma 20 okt 2014, 12.00
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Ready or not the civic economy is speeding up. Ideology is changing. Civic pride is erupting as social responsibility and accountability take a front seat along side economic values. Attention is turning to sustainability.

While the governing elite leads with austerity, pioneers of an alternative economy are empowered by the impact of technological velocity. Gaps are identified locally and globally where innovative citizens co-operate, co-work and co-produce. Europe is bearing witness to countless community enterprises displaying examples of city farms or offering local broadband services. Skills and product sharing are endorsed via car-pool and child-care initiatives. Societal necessities motivate charity shop volunteers and the development of communal empty space. Crowdfunding platforms now generate billions in donation and investment backing. The civic economy is pushing boundaries to join government and private business as a societal and financial power. Lets get ready.

The conference will interpret and characterise the civic economy in qualitative and quantitative terms. Focus will also address the legal implications and their influences on various policy questions such as the labour market and poverty. Examples of best practices in the civic economy are featured and whether there are differences trending between EU countries.

Home of civic and economic pioneers, the city of Amsterdam, provides the perfect backdrop to initiate dialogue on the major challenges and opportunities that the civic economy provides for societal and economic values.

Attendants are given the chance to:

  • Get an overview of the most important characteristics of the civic economy.
  • Gather a general consensus on whether the civic economy is a temporary or structural phenomenon.
  • Set up a network with policymakers and other key stakeholders in the civic economy for future research or cooperation.
  • See practical examples during the event and with site trips in Amsterdam.

The conference will be in English.

Confirmed speakers:

Moderator: Mart Grisel (EUKN)