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The city is a choreography

Fascinated by the body as a sculpture and the urban environment, photographer Melissa Schriek travelled to various cities, from Berlin to Los Angeles, to capture the youth living there.
woensdag 5 feb, 16.00
wo 5 feb, 16.00

'The City is a Choreography' explores the contemporary city. The project exists of street scenes and portraits in public spaces that probes the disconnection between the city and the youth that reside within. With special attention to the sculptural qualities of the body and the relationship between space and individual, and between each other, the city always hums in the background of the images. The series explores the escape from the daily routine of everyday life and how the urban environment can be perceived with both eyes and body.

‘‘The freedom of bodies moving through space is the very basis of political freedom’’
Andrew Hewitt

© Melissa Schriek

Especially in the digital age, Melissa Schriek is interested in the way individuals connect with each other and their daily environment. While working on the project she asked herself questions like: How do we co-operate in the shared public environment of the city? Is every action we take in a public street a performance? And what does it mean to inhabit a space? The result allows us to think about our relationship to the places that we live and spend our time, the streets we walk every day and the people we pass.

Melissa Schriek

Melissa Schriek graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2018. Since then she has been working as a photographer on personal projects and various commissions from newspapers to fashion. Her main interest is to explore relationships between individuals and their environment through both observation and staging. Her work is often created with a performative approach, aesthetically and conceptually exploring the border between staged and documentary photography.