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The Celebration of Indigenous Culture

Showcasing the winners of Sinchi's 2017 Indigenous Photo Competition.
This event is in English
Monday 9 Oct 2017, 12.00
ma 9 okt 2017, 12.00

Pakhuis de Zwijger and Sinchi collaborate to showcase the results of Sinchi’s indigenous photography competition. It provides a unique opportunity for visual storytellers around the world to be recognised for their talent and commitment to the preservation of culture and indigenous rights. The aim of the competition is to celebrate the strength and beauty of indigenous culture through visual storytelling, an aim that Pakhuis de Zwijger fully supports. The visuals demonstrate activism, relationship to nature, spirituality, community, everyday life to art, music and cultural practice.

Participants have been invited to submit up to 6 photos with accompanying captions and welcomes submissions from both remote and urban indigenous communities. The Celebration of Indigenous Culture showcases the work of the winner, 3 runners-up and the artistic merit award for best individual photo, each taking a different approach to the representation of cultures in decline.

Indigenous Culture represents a continuum of intellect and creativity through history. It provides a sense of continuity with the past, with traditions and ancestral heritage. The modern world is advancing at an incredible rate in many ways but we need to be careful to not lose something in the march of progress. Indigenous knowledge teaches us about living in balance with nature, community, sustainability, connection to culture and the importance of art, music and performance, as vehicles to transfer knowledge. 

Jury members: Jimmy Nelson, Wayne Quilliam, Laura Beltran – Villamizar


Sinchi is a non-profit, focusing on the preservation of indigenous culture and upholding the UN’s declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

The exhibition will be on show at the Pakhuis de Zwijger cafe on the ground floor until the end of October. Entrance is free.