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TARA (Alpinia Nigra)

The minimalistic way of life of indigenous peoples is changing due to the so-called 'development'.
This event is in English
Wednesday 5 July 2017, 18.00
wo 5 jul 2017, 18.00
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For centuries, indigenous peoples have been traditionally the guardians of the forest and its resources. Their traditional minimalistic way of living largely depends on non-timber forest products like firewood, medicine and food. A non-scripted documentary film takes the viewers on a tropical forest walk with Sunita Itipi and Basavu Ronglangpi, Karbi tribal women, foraging for food. The film screening is followed by an after talk with film director, Purabi Bose.

Among other things, they are after TARA – a tribal word for Alpinia nigra, an herbaceous food and medicinal plant. Intersecting the forest walk with real-life stories from five other diverse indigenous communities from all over India, Purabi Bose engages viewers to reflect on their own way of life and its symbiosis with nature.

So-called ‘development’ is spreading to the remotest natural resource-rich landscapes, changing them forever. The film frames the moods of the forest-dependent protagonists about their slowly changing way of living due to extractive industries, lack of communal legal rights over indigenous territories, or even due to the desire we as health conscious urban dwellers’ develop for indigenous ‘super’-foods.

Landing Together is self-funded by Purabi Bose, the director, and producer.

  • 2017
  • 29 minutes
  • India/ Northeast and mainland tribal India
  • Protagonists Paudi Bhuyan, Baiga, Gond, Thakkar, and Karbi tribes
  • Chhattisgarhi, Gondi, Hindi, Karbi, Marathi, Odiya, and Paudi Bhuyan spoken
  • English subtitles
This event is in English
Wednesday 5 July 2017, 18.00
Grote zaal
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