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Steven Jenner

Een gitarist die bedrieglijk nonchalant speelt en tegelijkertijd folk, jazz en blues in een grote muzikale mengelmoes weet te mengen.
vrijdag 14 sep 2018, 18.00
vr 14 sep 2018, 18.00

Heartfelt, mischievous and melancholy the songs of Steve Jenner are lyrically nimble and satisfying. His blend of folk, jazz and blues, makes it difficult to pigeonhole him in any one genre. An accomplished guitarist with a deceptively casual picking style, leaning toward folk, layered with jazz tinged chords.

From the age of 15 Steve has been a performer in numerous punk, rock, jazz and folk bands going wherever the music was. A teacher and session player throughout his career working in BBC and Channel 4 productions as well as work in musicals. His influences range from Tom Waites to Nic Jones, Yes to Pat Metheny. Now performing primarily as a solo artist across Europe with his first solo album ‘The moon grins’ whilst finishing his second album scheduled for autumn release.