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Urban Stories Festival


A sound installation that takes you on a stroll through the neighborhoods of Amsterdam.
maandag 13 mrt 2017 t/m donderdag 16 mrt 2017
ma 13 mrt 2017, 10.00

Soundtrackcity presents 'Have a seat, have a listen'. A listening station especially made for Urban Stories Festival. You'll find the station at the entrance of Café De Zwijger. Through headphones, you listen to short stories and experiences from Amsterdammers at remote places in the city.

About a famous squat, the canals and a secret manhole (in English). Girls from the Vogelbuurt tell you all about their lives, dreams and hopes for the future (in Dutch). Or dive to the bottom of the river Amstel with Jerzy Gawronski, the city archaeologist (in Dutch)

Soundtrackcity is inspired by the city and sees the city as an accumulated materialization of ideas. Ideas of planners, architects and urbanists, but also and maybe even more so, the ideas of inhabitants, visitors, ramblers and temporary passers-by.

Urban areas in transformation are of special interest to Soundtrackcity. An area that has recently changed or that is on the threshold of a coming change, such as a radical urban development project, has a field of tension that can be felt and can be made heard. The sound walks of Soundtrackcity add an invisible layer to the city. Check their collection of self-guided tours in the Soundtrackcity app for Android and iPhone, or check their website for special walks and events.

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