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Sonono Radio Live

A live radio- and talkshow with creatives and scientists on humanizing refugees.
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Thursday 16 Mar 2017, 19.30
do 16 mrt 2017, 19.30

How can we help newcomers to integrate and get a better view on the new society they are living in? That's the question Sonono Radio, a start-up project founded by 5 Amsterdam-based Syrian entrepreneurs, tries to answer. With their radio show, they create a safe environment for refugees to express themselves, while at the same time opening a window for locals to see and meet Syrian newcomers. During Urban Stories Festival, they focus on stories of urbanisation and migration. Sit back and listen to multivocal stories from all over the world or join the conversation.

The host of this evening will be Samo Ibrahim of Sonono Radio.

Samo Ibrahim is a Syrian newcomer to the Netherlands. He is a status holder based in Amsterdam and works as a guest researcher as professor in Sociology of Religion in the University of Amsterdam.

Currently he is working on the meta-construction of diasporic identity, mapping new forms of cultural hybridization within migrant communities, integration models and other topics related to cultural heterogeneity.

Our first guest is Halleh Ghorashi, professor of Diversity and Integration at the Free University of Amsterdam. Halleh grew up in Iran and came to the Netherlands in 1988 as a political refugee.

Gorashi studied cultural anthropology at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and received her Ph.D. at University of Nijmegen in May 2001, with a doctoral dissertation titled Ways to Survive, Battles to Win: Iranian Women Exiles in the Netherlands and the U.S. In 2005, she was appointed professor, and in 2006, she became the first occupant of the chair for Management of Diversity and Integration, endowed by PaVEM, the Dutch government’s Committee for Participation of Women of Ethnic Minority Groups.

Our second guest is Renée FrissenFounder & CEO at helpdesk OpenEmbassy.

OpenEmbassy is a 24/7 helpdesk for statusholders to ask questions about organizing their new life in the Netherlands. The questions are answered in online chatrooms by volunteers.

The third guest this evening is Maria Gomez, kwartiermeester at Lolalik.

Lolalik is a cultural hub situated in the former Bijlmer prison and neighbor to the refugee centre Wenckebachweg.  They are using this creative space to make connections between old and new Amsterdammers.


Radio Sonono is an initiative of International Foundation Manifesta and funded by Stichting DOEN and Free Press Unlimited.

Sonono is the Arabic name of the swallow bird. The swallows migrate from Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iran to Europe. During this travel the birds suffer a lot.

This event is in English
Thursday 16 Mar 2017, 19.30
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