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SheSays is back. This time we're exploring the power of change.
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Tuesday 16 Oct 2018, 20.00
di 16 okt 2018, 20.00
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Life is rarely straightforward, so when you've taken a wrong turn or the unexpected has happened how do you get back on track? From business bouncebacks and sporting setbacks to journeys through loss and addiction, we’ll hear real stories from five incredible individuals as SheSays explores the power of change.

Melody Biringer

An author and startup junkie who has launched over 20 businesses, Melody is the founder and producer of the WiT Regatta: a week-long conference in Seattle, Vancouver, and Amsterdam bringing people together to advance women in tech. Rather than shying away from difficult periods of transition, she learned to lean in, to sit with the unknown and to love the game. From professional highs to personal lows, Melody has navigated the heart and soul to build an international ecosystem of sisterhood.

Willemijn van Wenum

Sating the appetites of sweet-toothed Amsterdammers, Willemijn is the owner and founder of Willem-Pie Bakery, a vegan bakery that promotes clean eating and green living. Six years ago her life looked very different. From struggling with addiction to getting sober, Willemijn opens up on her journey of recovery and following her dream.

Margriet de Schutter

For years Margriet had one dream: to compete at the Winter Olympics as a short track speed skater. Vigorous training and international competition brought her close to success, but a growing battle with injury resulted in the loss of her place in the Dutch National Team. What happened next hit her hard. But by ‘going deep’ and learning to be vulnerable, Margriet found a way to become the best version of herself. 

Mounir Samuel

Mounir is a renowned Egyptian-Dutch political scientist, journalist, and author. Born a girl and raised in the Dutch Bible Belt, he came out as a female-to-male gender queer in 2015, sparking huge debate across the country. Mounir works, writes and speaks on issues such as social and political developments in MENA, religion, gender equality, minority rights, social movements, and international affairs – through which he has constantly pushed the boundaries and cultural notions of sexuality and gender.

Erwin Delano Girigorie

A former dancer, singer, model and actor, Erwin now works in the field of make-up artistry and entertainment. Born of English, Dutch, and Creole descent, Erwin’s eventful life has been shaped by powerful role models, devastating loss and the endless pursuit of his inner renaissance man. An unofficial aura enhancer ©, Erwin explains the power in dusting yourself off in the face of adversity to make a change and start again.

This event is in English
Tuesday 16 Oct 2018, 20.00
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