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EU 2016 Cultural Program

Shaping the World, Making Art Work in Society

How can the making processes of artists productively relate to societal processes?
This event is in English
Wednesday 1 July 2015, 13.30
wo 1 jul 2015, 13.30
IJ Zaal

In anticipation of Europe by People, the EU 2016 cultural program, a bootcamp will be organised in which both Dutch as well as other European artists will participate.

Adelheid Roosen is on a concrete safari in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Lucas de Man is in Spain, on a quest for Europe. And there are many more examples of artists who explicitly and actively relate to society.

Meanwhile, a stream of reports is written and published on the revaluation of culture and the presupposed instrumentalization of the arts.  In this discussion, the artists themselves are hardly ever involved. From the conviction that artists can play a vital and valuable role in (shaping) society, The Art of Impact initiates a series of meetings around the main question:

How can the making processes of artists productively relate to societal processes?

The main objective of this expert meeting is to exchange and learn, with an emphasis on identification: identifying our role in the field of arts, reflecting on our competencies, creating a shared language and identifying threats and opportunities.

More than a quest for answers, the expert meeting will be focused on formulating and appointing a set of shared questions that can be investigated and serve as a starting point for future expert meetings.

Peggy Olislaegers (director of De Nederlandse Dansdagen) will be the keynote speaker, Tabo Goudswaard (intendant for The Art of Impact) will deliver a spoken column.
Moderator is Marjo van Schaik (intendant for Exploring Future Europe). The dialogues will be led by experienced panel chairmen from Adviseurs in Dialoog

Future meetings will focus on establishing connections between artists, social organisations, (local) governments and businesses and on continuing and sustaining these collaborations.

The plenary sessions will be held in English. For the table discussions, English and Dutch groups will be formed.