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Resilient Democracy in the 21st Century

Do we need to rethink and redesign the institutions that make our democracy stable and reliable?
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Wednesday 6 Dec, 20.00
wo 6 dec, 20.00
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Democracy is an on-going project, especially in face of challenges such as populism, growing inequality, or the changing nature of representation. How democracies worldwide cope with these shared challenges has been researched by The Global State of Democracy publication by International IDEA. This study looked at local and regional factors that protect democracy's stability such as an independent rule of law, and the engagement of people in democratic decision-making. Tonight we will look at the state of Dutch democracy. Are our institutions and checks and balances still going strong, or are they up for renewal?

According to International IDEA’s Global State of Democracy (GSoD) research the Netherlands is doing quite well. The research, however, also shows that the Netherlands scores a low grade on supporting direct participation of citizens and could improve its checks on government.

In the afternoon, 20 Dutch experts are invited to formulate solutions and new initiatives to deal with two big challenges focused on countering unequal participation and improving the relation between representatives and citizens. In the evening program these experts will present the solutions from the innovation labs and the audience will vote on the winning proposal.

After the presentation of the innovation labs we will continue the discussion on Dutch democracy together with experts from the GSoD research as well as leading Dutch experts.  We will investigate the current state of our democratic institutions and possible improvements.

  • As Professor of Political Science at Aarhus University (Denmark), Svend-Erik Skaaning focuses on the conceptualization, measurement, and explanation of democracy and human rights. He is one of the main GSoD Indices experts.
  • As a constitutional expert Elliot Bulmer is one of the key authors of the CBP primers that help decision-makers and citizens to understand and use some key constitutional principles. Previously he was author of ‘A model constitution of Scotland’.
  • As a jorunalist Yvonne Zonderop writes for, among others, the Groene Amsterdammer on topics of populism in the Netherlands and growing inequality. She is author of the book Polderen 3.0, exploring new forms to engage and govern the common good. Previously Zonderop was board member of Prodemos and is member of the supervisory board of the FD Mediagroup.
  • Dr. Reijer Passchier is assistant professor in comparative constitutional law at Tilburg University. He has published articles on the importance of informal constitutional change.
This event is in English
Wednesday 6 Dec, 20.00
Kleine zaal
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