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Tokyo vs. Amsterdam

A comparison of two cities described in the book 'Real Urbanism'. With a.o. Naohiko Hino and Ton Schaap.
This event is in English
Thursday 7 Nov 2019, 20.00
do 7 nov 2019, 20.00
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Every city has a unique story. In the book 'Real Urbanism: Decisive Interventions' the story of eleven cities is told by eleven urban planners. Because cities can always learn from each other, we invite urban designers, and contributors to the book, from Amsterdam and Tokyo to compare the urban design of these cities. What challenges do these cities face? What opportunities are there? What lessons can we learn from each other?

The book

“Seen from a certain distance, which is the perspective of every author in this book, all urbanism is about metamorphosis, and every result of an urban intervention will be subject to metamorphoses to come. In all of this, the focus of the urbanist on public and private space between buildings, the bigger scale, the landscape and the long term, can add qualities to the city. Hopefully, this book demonstrates that this focus, which is more relevant than ever, can lead to spectacular results.”

Ton Schaap in Real Urbanism. Decisive Interventions.

The evening

During this evening we will highlight two chapters from the book with their contributors.

Ton Schaap is an urban designer who was involved in several esteemed designs in Amsterdam, such as the Eastern Harbours, Central Station area and IJburg. He will discuss the evolution of Amsterdam as a city and the challenges it is facing. As a growing city, Amsterdam has to deal with new problems and needs a vision on the future. What can Amsterdam learn from Tokyo, one of the most densely populated cities in the world?

Naohiko Hino is a Japanese architect and urban designer. In Real Urbanism, Hino constructs a deeper perspective on the factors that form present-day Tokyo, which together resemble a dynamic ecosystem. What strategies and mechanisms enabled Tokyo to emerge from the ruins of war and seismic devastation and become a thriving metropolis within two decades?

Architect Moriko Kira is born in Japan but lives in Amsterdam since 1992. What comparison can be made between between Tokyo and Amsterdam? Are there similarities? What can the two cities learn from each other?

Photographer Theo Baart made more than 100 photos for the book Real Urbanism, which added the human scale to the book. This evening, he will show his photos of both Tokyo and Amsterdam. He will share his photographers view on the two cities and how he tries to capture the human scale in his photos.



This event is in English
Thursday 7 Nov 2019, 20.00
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