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The Dissident presents

Police Brutality Across Borders

In conversation with activists from around the globe
This event is in English
Thursday 24 May 2018, 20.00
do 24 mei 2018, 20.00

In 2017 in total there were only 14 days in the United States that a person wasn’t killed by the police. Across the world, in different countries, civilians have to deal with police brutality, both with and without guns. Accountability of police officers is often lacking and enforcement of laws regulating the police is often limited. We will look at this phenomenon in the form of three case-studies from different countries: the United States, the Netherlands and Nigeria. The evening will feature speakers in-person and via Skype, with room for questions from the audience.

In the US alone, nearly everyday someone is killed by the police. While most of the police violence that we encounter through the media is in the United States it is by no means limited to that country. Across the world, people face forms police brutality. Accountability of the police is often lacking, and regulation of police is typically limited.

This episode of the Dissident will look at police violence in the form of three case studies: the Netherlands, Nigeria and the United States, by means of conversations with local activists-experts. You, the audience, are encouraged to partake in the conversation.

In this episode of The Dissident:
A conversation with special guest Justus Ijeoma, Founder of the International Human Rights and Equity Defence Foundation. He provides free legal services to victims of police brutality in Nigeria, and currently temporarily resides in the Netherlands as guest of ShelterCity

A livestream with Cassandra Chaney, Expert on police violence and the ‘portrayal of black family life’. She is the author of ‘Racism and Police Brutality in America’.
Jasmina Mačkić is Assistant Professor at the Europa Institute of Leiden Law School. She has a research focus on the Court of Human Rights in Europe.

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This event is in English
Thursday 24 May 2018, 20.00
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