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Placemaking Week 2017

Join activists and leaders from around the world to envision a place-led future for cities.
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Wednesday 11 Oct t/m Saturday 14 Oct 2017
wo 11 okt, 09.00
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Public space is located at the intersection of many global issues—from health to sustainability, innovation to equity. Placemaking Week is all about leveraging this convergence. Building upon the momentum of 2016’s Placemaking Leadership Forum in Vancouver, this year PPS collaborates with partners in Amsterdam to host a dynamic set of sessions and workshops, where attendees will develop and share concrete strategies for advancing placemaking locally and globally.

The timing of this conference in Europe could not be better, as so many cities are witnessing an unprecedented resurgence of interest in public space topics and issues—from accessibility and private development, to democracy and equity—and the themes of this conference will reflect these trends. Highlighting issues that are specific to the context of Amsterdam but broadly applicable to cities worldwide, this year’s themes will include:

  • Placemaking and Innovation
  • Place-led Development and City Making; Equity and Wellbeing
  • Streets as Places/Transportation

With many sub-themes in areas that Amsterdam also does very well, such as public markets and creative placemaking.

Stay tuned for a series of announcements over the next two months that will provide further details about Placemaking Week 2017, including a Call for Proposals, as well as details on registration and travel suggestions.

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