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Animation for Grown-Ups 1

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Animation is for kids? Think again! Animation is a medium that can discuss (sexuality-themed) taboos in a way that no other form can.
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Thursday 30 Nov 2017, 20.00
do 30 nov 2017, 20.00

Nipple gates, LGBTQI+ sexuality, (female) masturbation - we’re still terribly prudish when it comes to sexuality. Our prudity is reflected all over visual media: Facebook and Instagram hunt photos and drawings of female nipples, and advertisements use a blue liquid as period blood. When it comes to drawings, the lines are blurred though. Animation has the power to discuss taboos in an unoffending way, mainly through design choices like 'cuteness' or 'abstraction'. Where are the boundaries and who determines what is acceptable and not? Talks and a selection of short animated films (like an exclusive screening of CIPKA / PUSSY by Renata Gąsiorowska) are waiting for you. Let's explore!


Dario van Vree
Animation director at Studio Pupil & co-founder KLIK
Aisha Madu
Animator & director Schroom
Mandy Smith
Paper artist


Following his animation studies at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Dario van Vree has been directing animation with an eye for the weird, the incentive and the power of character performance. Besides directing at Studio Pupil, Dario teaches Animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy and is the co-founder of the KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival. His work is characterised by clarity, humor and a love for paradoxes. The animated short film Tabook – directed by Dario – was released last October, and pictures bondage mainly as the harmless phenomenon it is, approaching the viewer kindly with an almost ‘Disney-esque’ sweet style. 


With Bodily Dysfunctions, Aisha Madu graduated in Animation at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in 2014. During her (school) career she has made several short films and short commercial animations. Her main interest in animation lies in putting the human body in absurd situations to convey emotions, using visual gags and simple compositions. Via VPRO Dorst, the talent platform for young makers, she now produces her own animated serie Schroom, a platform that celebrates all the embarrassing and painful moments that make us blush.

No More Cutting

In 2010, Mandy Smith aka Papersmith produced The Move, a short animation with a scenery entirely made out of paper. It marked the beginning of her career as a full-time paper artist, and among her clients are now brands like Coca-Cola, Google, ToyotaTEDglobal en Heineken. With her project No More Cutting in collaboration with a.o. Random Studio, she makes handcrafted paper artworks of female genitals, while raising awareness for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Three million (!) girls and women are subjected to FGM each year. Using a delicate material as paper as her tool, Mandy wants to capture the fragility and beauty of each and everyone and highlight human diversity.

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This event is in English
Free entrance
Thursday 30 Nov 2017, 20.00
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