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How important is a package and what are the possibilities these days?
donderdag 25 sep 2014, 20.00
do 25 sep 2014, 20.00
IJ Zaal

During the new Indie Brands Business Case events we’re delving deeper into some subjects and take more time to talk about those topics. With some cool presentations and a chance for the audience to ask everything they want.

Packaging is the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. But besides that packaging is a part of the story you want to tell with your product.

Matt Davies (Design Bridge)

Design Bridge is an award-winning, international brand design agency that blends creative passion, strategic insight. The company has a ferm belief in the power of great ideas to create and develop memorable brand experiences. It is an independent company, founded in 1986, and has offices in Amsterdam, London, Singapore and New York. Matt Davies is a Senior Strategist at Design Bridge in Amsterdam. After studying psychology and marketing at the University of Melbourne he developed a passion for brands. He has worked for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Hewlett-Packard, New Balance and Mars and he helped them with building their brand. He also helps companies with their communication and innovation.

Zoe Piper (Zeebel)

Zoe Piper, born in Curacao, studied on the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Nowadays she’s working at Nedis, doing packaging design for consumer electronics. She’s also working on her own in the world of packaging design. At the moment Zoe is working on her own product Zeebel, which won the first price at the BNO Packaging Talent Award in collaboration with supermarket Marqt. The briefing was to make a sustainable packaging design for a fluid soap. Zoe made a styled ceramic shell with water degradable soap pearls. Every time you tilt the shell one pearl comes out. This is the for right amount of soap and water ratio, which means there’s no water waste. Inspiration for Zoe’s work is her fascination for human behavoir, interaction and technology. She strives for a balance within these elements. According to Zoe design is more than the fusion of science and art. It also has to improve the world, change the way we live and make people understand products and brands.

Annouk Post (Harry)

Annouk is the co-founder of Harry. Harry inspires people to stay true to their tune by developing well-designed sustainable products and services. In a light-hearted way these products are iconic tools for reflection. A tune is a collection of moments in your life that make you feel happy and relaxed. Harry’s tune-philosophy is introduced by a modern fairytale: ‘Find your tune’. The first Harry products are an illustrated book with this fairytale and a white Harry tank top. The white tank top is an iconic fashion item and a reminder to stay true to your own tune.

Frances Shoemack (Abel Organic Perfume)

Frances Shoemack is the founder of Abel – quite possibly the world’s first 100% organic eau de parfum. Unable to find an organic perfume that smelt and looked great, she decided to create one herself. Abel’s debut scent Vintage ’13 is a sandalwood based fragrance for men and women, made by master perfumer Isaac Sinclair. Inspired by Frances’ background in the wine industry, the ‘vintage’ fragrance is a seasonal, limited edition release, packaged in handcrafted oak cases using wood reclaimed from old Dutch railway carriages. Abel’s second fragrance Tonic is nearly ready for release into Abel’s growing network of international retailers, including in Skins Cosmetics stores throughout the Netherlands.