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What role and place do cyclists have in European urban space?
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Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, 19.30
di 28 feb 2017, 19.30

Amsterdam likes to think of itself as the bicycle capital of the world. However, this position has been under scrutiny. In Europe there are several rivals in the field. Since last year Copenhagen has beaten Amsterdam as 'the most cycle-friendly city of the world'. With an investment of £770 million on cycling initiatives, the mayor of London is placing the British capital on the map. This edition of Bike & City we will look at the role and place for cyclists in European urban space. What can cities learn from each other in terms of using public space? What are the different strategies of these cities?


Amsterdam, Copenhagen en London are cycling cities, however, all three in a different fashion. The cities have their own way of using public space, in which cyclists get a different role and place. This Bike & City we are touring through Europe’s different cities and perspectives to find out.

Touring Europe - On the bike with:

Meredith Glaser (Amsterdam)

We start our tour with Meredith Glaser. She is a PhD researcher at the Urban Cycling Institute and co-director of Planning the Cycling City at the UvA. What role and place do cyclists have in European urban space?

Mark Ames (London)

We continue our tour with Mark Ames. He is the founder of the ibikelondon blog and Strategic Cities, an organization that delivers change-achieving tools to make cities more people-orientated. Over Skype he explains us what the biggest challenges have been in creating a better cycling city in London. Where is the city lagging behind? But also, what has London achieved so far?

Adam Stones (London)

Adam Stones is the former communications strategist for i.a. the ‘Love London, Go Dutch’ and ‘Sign for Cycling’ campaigns. Cycling in London is still often seen as an 'extreme sport'. Is this evolving? What communication strategies are used to get people to cycle more in London?

Clotilde Imbert (Copenhagen)

Next stop: Copenhagen. Clotilde Imbert, Urban Planner at Copenhagenize Design Company, tells us over Skype why Copenhagen is the most cycle-friendly city of the world. What tools are used to improve urban cycling infrastructure? Why does Copenhagenize Design Company favor subtle design techniques over master plans?

Maud de Vries (Amsterdam)

Maud de Vries is the co-founder of CycleSpace, an Amsterdam based, globally minded collective of architects, urban designers, technologists and entrepreneurs with a grand scheme to make cycling the world’s pre-eminent mode of city transport. Every Bike & City CycleSpace updates us on what's new in urban cycling.

Anna Luten (Amsterdam - New York)

Last year Amsterdam elected the world's first Bicycle Mayor: Anna Luten. She explains how a Bicycle Mayor can help European cities accelerate their shift from car-centric to human-centric cities.

This event is in English
Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, 19.30
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