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Nicole Stella

Nicole Stella is een jonge singer-songwriter die een passie voor folk (Joni Mitchell) verenigt met jazz, klassiek, en rock in een ode aan de vrijheid
vrijdag 21 sep 2018, 18.00
vr 21 sep 2018, 18.00

Nicola Stella is a young songwriter born in a small town in Northern Italy, where she starts playing piano and guitar at a very young age. As a teenager, she pursues her passion for singing in an Opera course, and later moves on to jazz.

During her university studies in Pavia, Nicole refines her musical identity, performing in an acoustic duo and discovering her great passion for folk music. As a solo artist she departs for London to establish her presence as an emerging artist. Her debut album, New Day, was produced in 2015 and obtained a positive response from English and American critics.

Her second album, Something To Say, is the logical evolution of her previous work. It can be seen as a universal call to freedom, seen as a constant research. Overall, Nicole Stella deals with stimulating subjects by offering an interesting mixture of different musical genres.