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Neighbourhood Assemblies

Community building in Uganda, learn from our international guests.
This event is in English
Wednesday 28 Jan 2015, 20.00
wo 28 jan 2015, 20.00

For this special edition of Buurtcommunities we welcome Celestin Mugisha and Emmanuel Oluka from CEW-IT. CEW-IT is a Uganda based consortium of NGO’s that supports local communities. Tonight we want to learn about community building in Uganda and likewise hope to share some of your knowledge with our international guests.

In November 2014 a mixed group of dutch organisations visited Uganda to learn about CEW-IT and its methods. The visit was part of an E-Motive exchange program. During this week representatives of CEW-IT are in the Netherlands to learn about community building, social entrepreneurship and democratic reform I our country. CEW-IT’s method aims to build cooperatives of active citizens within local communities. The goal of these so-called Neighbourhood Assemblies is to empower citizens to take their faith into their own hands. CEW-IT offers the framework for local communities to work with and facilitates training for groups and individuals to develop their talents and skills.

Neighbourhood Assemblies are strongly dependent of the local context, but as a methodology, four aspects are present almost everywhere. Members of Neighbourhood Assemblies pay contributions and thereby create collective investment capital that is used for both individual as group ventures. Neighboorhood Assemblies also initiate and improve public facilities in self-organization, for example fixing a community road together. Another activity is to stimulate social responsibility and emancipation within communities. In this matter it proves to be an important strategy to counter and prevent domestic violence, improve women’s rights, and to get children to go to school. With civic education and training in the use of (social) media CEW-IT aims to boost the communities’ influence on political bodies and other official institutions.

In a dialogue we want to learn about similarities and differences between community building in Uganda and the Netherlands. Our guests will off course explain the work of their organisation in Uganda and talk about their methodology. But there will also be enough time to share some of your own ideas with them and to collectively explore the future of community building.

This evening will be moderated by Redouane Amine

Buurtcommunities is a programme by De Indische Buurt Community, KrachtinNL and MOVISIE, this edition is in collaboration with Netwerk Democratie, Cew-it Uganda and is part of the Emotive programme of Oxfam Novib.