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Lessons from Smart City Amsterdam

What is a smart city without its citizens and entrepreneurs?
This event is in English
Free admission
Monday 19 Dec 2016, 19.30
ma 19 dec 2016, 19.30
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Amsterdam is well on its way to become Europe’s number one ‘Smart City’. There are more than 100 ongoing projects that aim to improve the quality of life and sustainability of the city with the help of technological solutions and open data. Hogeschool van Amsterdam analysed 12 projects, of which we will not only discuss the technological aspects, but also the working processes. Which lessons can we learn from these projects? Should the city be an optimised machine or a melting pot of cultures and ideas? And if our cities are becoming artificially intelligent, does that automatically make them smarter?

We focus on the involvement and added value of people in the city: its citizens and its entrepreneurs. Does the Smart City take its ‘end users’ into account? We will dissect three projects within the domains of energy, mobility and the circular economy.

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Urban Stories Festival
13 - 16 March 2017
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This event is in English
Free admission
Monday 19 Dec 2016, 19.30
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