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Knowledge Transfer Seminar

About challenges of actively engaging the public in international cultural projects.
This event is in English
Friday 8 May 2015, 09.30
vr 8 mei 2015, 09.30
IJ Zaal

European cultural research projects, in which many institutions and universities participate, are undergoing a shift in focus from a research as such to research applications, knowledge transfer and the co-creation of meaningful cultural experiences with audiences. Building forth on the publication of the Companion to European Heritage Revivals (Springer, 2014), this seminar addresses the challenges of actively engaging the public in international cultural projects, particularly those on heritage.

This event is open for academic researchers, policy makers as well as those working on heritage dissemination and tourism. The main question is: how we can embrace this shift in focus from research to sharing knowledge?

As the programme aims to address co-creation, the classic lecture format for seminars has made way for workshops, in which audience and workshop leader jointly create meaningful learning experiences. Aspects of knowledge transfer that will be addressed are the opportunities and limits of gameplay, the value of participatory storytelling and the role of humour in engaging audiences in reviving the past.

For more information, please contact: Rita Hermans, coordinator CLUE +