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Jacob de Berker

Intricate and honest songs with guitar, banjo and ukelele.
vrijdag 4 nov 2016, 18.00
vr 4 nov 2016, 18.00

Jacob de Berker is a UK singer/songwriter penning lyrically intricate and honest songs which he sings to either guitar or banjo. After performing around the UK for years - appearing at Edinburgh Fringe, Glastonbury and venues throughout London and the south of England - he moved to Amsterdam early last year, armed only with a couple of changes of clothes and a desire to get out of London and do some adventuring. Compared to the likes of Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake amongst others and inspired by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nick Drake and Bon Iver his are songs that cover all aspects of life.

His debut EP ‘Self Titled’ is out now available on Bandcamp; entirely self recorded and produced aboard a boat in the depths of London, it is a DIY affair that brings across the honesty apparent throughout his work. As Music Gleaner wrote in their review of the EP: “Jacob de Berker’s ‘Self Titled’ is an EP you won’t soon forget, just invite it in and let it sink into your skin”.