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ISHF 2017 Closing Event

Celebrating the long tradition of decent, affordable housing and looking forward.
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Wednesday 21 June 2017, 20.00
wo 21 jun 2017, 20.00
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The International Social Housing Festival 2017 (ISHF 2017) closing event will provide a space for various organizers and reporters to look back on the festival. They will show is the highlights of the festival. What solutions have been brought up for the emerging challenges that were defined? How can policy makers and politicians implement the ideas that have been outlined? What is the future of social housing? Together with three correspondents, we will discuss the harvest of the festival.

orHousing as a tool

In the past, social housing was of great importance in responding to major collective urban challenges. For the Netherlands this was the (social) upliftment of dilapidated urban neighborhoods in the early 20th century, massive postwar housing construction in the 50’s and 60’s and the urban renewal wave from the 70’s onward. What are the challenges that social housing should be addressing today and in the future?

Highlights of the festival

At the closing event, three correspondents reflect on the three major challenges that were defined for the first edition of this festival:

  • Migration to cities and mobility – Rapid urbanisation is exerting great pressure on the housing markets of cities. Social housing is an important tool in giving every citizen a permanent home. How can social housing be a tool to keep cities open? Merel Pit shares insights from her perspective as the creator and collector of ‘Architectuurverhalen‘.
  • Segregation and inequality – Increased demand and real estate investment speculation are driving housing prices up. This leads to growing segregation where only the rich can afford to live in city centers forcing low-income groups to move to the periphery. How can social housing be a tool to keep cities undivided? We will discuss the challenges and opportunities with urban planner Sophie Rousseau.
  • Diversification of tenant’s demands – As a result of demographic and migration trends we see that dwellers’ profiles are more diverse than ever before. Depending on age, health or ethnic background, requirements differ. New strategies for the organisation of social housing including self-building are emerging. How can social housing be a tool to create an inclusive society? Joop de Boer from Pop-Up City and Golfstromen explains.

What’s next?

We will discuss the harvest of the festival with Laurens IvensMarja Elsinga en Darinka Czischke. What are the challenges for the next decade? Pepijn Bakker will pass on the baton to Lyon, the organizing city of the second edition of the International Housing Festival in 2018.

This event is in English
Wednesday 21 June 2017, 20.00
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