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Inside the Mind of Favela Funk

Which role does pornographic funk music play in the (love) lives of favela locals in Rio de Janeiro?
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Friday 16 June 2017, 19.30
vr 16 jun 2017, 19.30

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro's are home to the extremely popular 'favela funk' scene: an explicitly pornographic and sexist style of music. Who are the people listening -and dancing- to this music, how does this Brazilian underground music relate to their daily lives in the favela, and how does it affect their perspective on love, sex and relationships? The documentary 'Inside the Mind of Favela Funk' offers an inside perspective into the lives of these favela locals and the infamous putaria, favela funk. The screening is followed by a Q&A with a.o. director Elise Roodenburg.

About the speakers:

  • Elise Roodenburg has been living alternately in the Netherlands and Brazil since she was 18 years old. For her Anthropology thesis she researched favela funk music for six months. Inside the Mind of Favela Funk (2016) is her documentary debut. She co-directed the film with Fleur Beemster.
  • Sterre Gilsing is a PhD candidate in the “The popular culture of illegality” research project. She studies the connection between baile funk music in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and the authority and legitimacy of illegal forces in these areas.
  • Moderator Carolina Maurity Frossard is from Rio de Janeiro, and now a PhD candidate at the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies of the University of Amsterdam. Her research explores public-private arrangements of urban security in Recife, Northeastern Brazil, in order to unpack how they reconfigure experiences, enactments, and ideas of citizenship in the city.

Inside the Mind of Favela Funk’ is a documentary about love and relationships in the world of the extremely popular ‘favela funk’: pornographic music from Rio de Janeiro’s deprived neighbourhoods. The documentary shows the perspective of the favela youth and aims to find the relation between the favela funk lyrics and their personal, daily (love) lives, dominated by a lawless subculture of drug gangs, violence and sex. ‘Inside the Mind of Favela Funk’ gives an insight into the current Brazilian underground music and its corresponding sexual values, but also shows a search for faith, hope and love.

  • Duration: 68 minutes
  • Spoken language: Portugese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Directors: Elise Roodenburg & Fleur Beemster
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Year: 2016

This event is in English
Friday 16 June 2017, 19.30
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