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Impact Journey

The launch of a brand new platform focusing on global issues through the art of visual storytelling.
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Friday 7 July 2017, 19.30
vr 7 jul 2017, 19.30
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During this special Fotokroniek we launch Impact Journey, a new platform that strives to challenge our perceptions of global issues through the art of visual storytelling. Steyn Hoogakker has laid the last foundations by finishing his Impact Journey through Togo, accompanied by a few notebooks, a GPS-tracker and two cameras. During this evening we will zoom in on his latest project and launch the platform with others that are interested in- or celebrate imaged-based activism. An evening about photography, storytelling and the need for mutual understanding.

  • Steyn Hoogakker (researcher, visual storyteller and founder of Impact Journey) visited Togo before and felt inspired to look for answers on the ethics of photography. Last April, he returned to the very same place and people and walked the full length of the railroad – nearly 500 km across Togo. Accompanied by his Togolese buddy and partner Stan, a few notebooks, a GPS-tracker and a digital- and Polaroid camera, they documented the stories and perceptions of people that live along that railroad. He will present his photo series and share his adventures.
  • Arita Baaijens is an experienced photographer, traveler, and biologist who has written several price winning books about her travels. How would she describe the need for visual stories? And what would she advise (young) photographers and storytellers who would like to explore the art of visual storytelling?
  • Stan Reveil, a Togolese artist and event organizer, accompanied Steyn on his travels and shares his knowledge of his country.

Impact Journey platform

With a strong focus on visual storytelling, Impact Journey tries to raise awareness for the various challenges we face in North- South relations and, moreover, inspire others to think critically and come into action. From this evening onwards Impact Journey will be launched as a platform for all those other people with great ideas and a particular skill set to start their own Impact Journey.

Diner and exhibition

Especially for this evening, our chefs will prepare an African menu inspired by the travels of Steyn. Join us for diner before the evening starts and make sure to reserve a table. 

The series of ‘Le Rail Togo’ by Steyn Hoogakker will be exhibited in the Pakhuis café from the beginning of July until mid-September, and complemented with an online map and daily (short) stories of many Togolese people on instagram.

This event is in English
Friday 7 July 2017, 19.30
Grote zaal
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