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Idealism in Action

How can (visual) change makers inspire us to take action?
This event is in English
Thursday 25 Jan, 20.00
do 25 jan, 20.00
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2017 has been another crazy year. Trump has survived one year in office, repression worldwide is growing, whilst people are also mobilising and speaking out more and more. Are you also worried and do you want to do more than just share a Facebook post? NOOR believes that everyone can make a change. And that it is time to do so. Let these (visual) change makers inspire you to take action – whether for social justice and human rights or environmental issues. If we are ready to speak out – are we ourselves activists? What is the role of the Maker? And should these Makers work on the next steps or just open up the debate?

  • Photographer Kadir van Lohuizen has covered conflicts in Africa and elsewhere, but is probably best known for his long-term projects on the seven rivers of the world, the rising of sea levels, the diamond industry and migration in the Americas. For his latest project Wasteland, Kadir visited six megacities (Jakarta, Tokyo, Lagos, New York, São Paulo and Amsterdam) to visually investigate how they manage or mismanage their waste.
  • As Head of Photography at WeTransfer, Lucy Pike writes for This Works where she tells the stories of the artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and other creatives featured on the wallpapers. Since the beginning, WeTransfer has been giving 30% of their backgrounds to the creative industries, in which stories that truly matter play a big part.
  • Barbara van Paassen works for ActionAid, an international organisation that pursues an honest world with equal chances for all. They support people in developing countries to stand up for their rights, especially women’s rights.
  • Heba Khamis is a visual storyteller and photojournalist, that concentrates on the social issues that are sometimes ignored. She covered the two revolutions in Egypt and the aftermath, volunteered in Uganda and later on became more focused on the social and humanitarian issues in Africa.
  • Co-owner of photo agency NOOR Andrea Bruce (via Skype) brings attention to people living in the aftermath of war through documentary photography. For eight years she has chronicled the world’s most troubled areas as a staff photographer for The Washington Post, she now is located in Mexico City.

As part of a new NOOR Experience event, NOOR and the NOOR Foundation is happy to invite opinion makers, journalists, civil society, social-media influencers, activist philanthropists, and the general public to think, share and discuss how we can take actions and make a change. How can we make our life, and furthermore, our world, better?

This event is in English
Thursday 25 Jan, 20.00
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