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Cycling experiments

What influence do cycling experiments have on Amsterdam's cycling policy (and vice versa)?
This event is in English
Wednesday 29 Mar 2017, 19.30
wo 29 mrt 2017, 19.30
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From removing traffic lights, to innovative parking facilities and new sharing space concepts; Amsterdam is full of cycling experiments. What is the added value of cycling experiments? How do they work and how are they monitored? And how do these hyperlocal experiments influence cycling policy across the city (and vice versa)? This Bike & City we'll explore and discuss new concepts that are designed to increase mobility, enhance safety and improve our overall cycling experience in the city. The second part of the evening will be an interactive workshop.

On the bike with:

Marco te Brömmelstroet

Our event starts with an introduction by Marco te Brömmelstroet, Urban Planner (UvA) and academic director of the Urban Cycling Institute. What is the added value of cycling experiments? How do you design it? And how do you measure the progress?

Vera van den Bos

On the 4th of April the Municipality of Amsterdam will present the Meerjarenplan Fiets 2017 - 2021. Vera van den Bos, Policy Advisor for Infrastructure Traffic and Transport at the Municipality of Amsterdam, explains us what role cycling experiments have in cycling policy.

Arjan Minck and Wilco van Oosten

Together with other partners, Arjan Minck (Lo Minck Systemen) and Wilco van Oosten (Inbo) created CycleCity. This is an experiment to explore what kind of bicycle parking is most efficient and most preferred by cyclists. How is CycleCity set up? And how is it monitored?


After the plenary session we gather in groups to collectively work on a challenge the cycling city faces. What kind of experiments should we be implementing? How can they have a breakthrough impact, but also be feasible? From professional urban planner to layperson, this interactive workshop is suitable for everyone who is interested. The goal of this session is to discover new insights that lead to greater impact and better measurability. The workshop is given by Lee Feldman, co-founder of CycleSpace and THNK School of Creative Leadership.

This event is in English
Wednesday 29 Mar 2017, 19.30
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