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Happy Homes from Deadly Debris

The Circulair City: solution for the worldwide refugee problem?
This event is in English
Monday 14 Sept 2015, 20.00
ma 14 sep 2015, 20.00

In the run-up to the EU2016 Urban Campus, during the Dutch chairmanship of the European Union on Kop Java, Pakhuis de Zwijger will organize events every month around the initiatives that will participate. Tonight we talk about The Mobile Factory that transforms debris into Lego building blocks. After a war or natural disaster debris can be transformed into easy to build, safe houses. Is it the solution for the worldwide refugee problem?

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© Foto’s door Riske de Vries

Natural disasters and wars will cause (at least) two known problems. On the one hand it will cause rubble. Rubble is not only unhealthy for the people who are forced to live near by deadly debris. It is also killing for the environment. On the other hand there are homeless refugees and victims because of the human or natural disasters. Nowadays even 60 million homeless refugees and victims of wars and disasters are worldwide living in inhumane shelters without any perspective.

Different bottom-up projects, like Vluchtelingen Welkom, are brought into life to help the homeless victims. But The Mobile Factory has possibly found the solution for both problems, whereby it kills two birds with one stone. The Mobile Factory is a two container transforming technology that produces Lego blocks (Q-Brixx) on locations of rubble concentration after disasters. Victims will be able to produce highly earthquake resistant building blocks in order to build their own save homes.

Should we bring the refugees to our city or should the city be brought to them?

This evening we’ll discuss this concept and this question with two inspiring professors: Hennes de Ridder and Jarmo Suominen. Hennes de Ridder is a professor at the TU Delft and developed the Living Building Concept. Jarmo Suominen is director of the Future Home Institute at Aalto University in Helsinki and specialized in service architecture. The professors will discuss different ways and possibilities to apply the Q-Brixx to build happy homes for refugees and realize self-fulfilling and cradle 2 cradle villages.

The Mobile Factory takes part in the EU2016 campus Europe by People on Java island in Amsterdam.

After the program Happy Homes from Deadly Debris, there is an update and discussion about the EU2016 FabCity campus. If you want to be informed about the progress or want to contribute to the development of the campus, you are more than welcome to join the discussion. The after-program will be both in Dutch and English.

This event is in English
Monday 14 Sept 2015, 20.00
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