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Beachy mellow tunes and lyrics about life, love and the heat of the sun.
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Friday 10 Mar 2017, 18.00
vr 10 mrt 2017, 18.00

Gildor van Beers (1990) is an Utrecht based singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist. His playing reflects a lot of different styles. Ranging from blues to psychedelic rock, jazz, afrobeat, desertblues and even bossa-nova. His distinctive style incorporates percussive slapping, ethereal melodies and bassnotes to blend into one soundwave.

Started out as a drummer with 4 years of (jazz) drum lessons by Pieter Danz, the foundation was set for band experience with several bands like Profuse, Unity, Stontjie, and Sam Rodrigues. After having travelled and lived in France for 3 years, Gildor got more invested with the guitar and singing and moved back to Holland to focus on songwriting and playing with a band. There he began to take guitar lessons from Norbert Scholte, where he picked up styles such as jazz, fusion and bossa-nova. He became a regular at open mics at ’t Oude Pothuys, and eventually a house musician opening up for sessions every month.