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Genetic Personalised Healthcare

Affordable genetic sequencing allows us to study the genetic bridges that make us who we are.
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Tomorrow, 20.00
Morgen, 20.00

Currently, there is a lot of buzz around DNA sequencing in the context of health analyses and taking preventive measures based on your genetic information. Have we entered a new paradigm in which we can prevent a genetic disease or are these techniques still in their infancies?

In this 2nd edition of the Meet-Up we’ll dive into the known and unknown aspects of genetic data, the potential it might have for a new health care system and what we should keep in mind when approaching a genetic sequencing ourselves.

About Decoding Superhuman
Boomer Anderson is the Creator of Decoding Superhuman which utilizes performance analysis, behavior change, and technology to help clients optimize their health allowing them to achieve and sustain a high-performance life.

Boomer graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Science in Business. He is a Certified Epigenetic Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Program Practioner, and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Boomer’s one goal is to maximize this life through adventure, travel, and being at his best in every moment.

With a background in film and photography, Matthijs Diederiks got involved in the future of food mid-2016, due to a documentary project about complete food.  He is the founder of which functions as an online media outlet in which Matthijs investigates the future of food through video’s, public talks and events.

This event is in English
Tomorrow, 20.00
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