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Gaza as Utopia

From concentration camp to utopia - benefit event for future solutions in Gaza
This event is in English
Friday 10 Jan, 20.00
vr 10 jan, 20.00
IJ Zaal

The United Nations declared Gaza unlivable as of 2020. Gaza has been an urban global trading spot for thousands of years, already since the times of the Pharaohs. Currently, it has been turned into a 2 million camp, the largest human concentration camp in history. After the Israeli blockade has been lifted, Gaza needs to be looked at as a strategic development project. An expert in master-planning concluded that Gaza has the potential of Singapore. What needs to be mapped, and what could and should be done in order to build a just, sustainable and enjoyable future? Join us with free and innovative thinking for this benefit night with artists, speakers, urban planners, music and inspiration. #gaza2020

Next to the public program, there is a network opportunity at 18:00 for solidarity organisations with Palestine. If you are interested, please fill in this form

Background of humanitarian situation in Gaza.
Below is a small overview of the current situation in Gaza.

  • 96% of Gaza’s water is not drinkable and only 14% of children have a minimum acceptable diet, according to UNICEF and WHO.
  • 70% of the inhabitants of Gaza are refugees.
  • Gaza is 41 kilometers long and 6 -12 kilometers wide with 2 million inhabitants 
  • The median age is 18 years old. And around 40% of the population is below the age of 14.
  • Gazans are restricted from using their sea, air and land.
  • People can not leave the area freely making it the largest open-air prison. With the siege, human-caused malnutrition, no water to drink and snipers on the borders, Gaz has turned into a concentration camp if not a death camp. 
  • Unemployment is among the highest anywhere in the world, 70% of Gazans under 30 years old are unemployed.
  • 80% of people are dependent upon humanitarian assistance.
  • Over 30% of Gazan children surveyed experiencing psychosocial distress according to the Norwegian Refugee Council. Suicide is on an alarming rise.
  • In 2018 alone, because of the current “open fire policy“, 254 Gazans have been shot dead in Gaza of which  47 were minors. Most were shot during the weekly March of Return demanding the end of the siege and the return of the refugees living in Gaza, to their original homes.
  •  In the 2014 attacks, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs possibly over 485,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip had been displaced during bombardments. The bombardments targeted the infrastructure of Gaza: water, energy, hospitals, schools, and urban centers.

This event is in English
Friday 10 Jan, 20.00
IJ Zaal
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