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Future Fashion: Time for Tech

How can we create a circular fashion industry by working open source, on demand & digital ? Inspiring ideas by makers and experts.
This event is in English
Thursday 25 Apr, 20.00
do 25 apr, 20.00

The fashion industry is one of the front runners within the field of distributed design, working reproducible and distributable to minimise the footprint, and implementing innovative technological tools. This evening fashion designers and experts share their view on the distributed future of fashion. How can we move data instead of product? Join us for a talkshow about the latest trends and insights in the fashion industry.

With Pitches by:

Iris van Wees
3D Virtual fashion designer
Emma van Gerven
Digital designer

Talks & ideas by:

  • UNSEAM is an initiative founded by Bas Froon and Karin Vlug that develops new technologies enabling local clothing production in the Netherlands. By combining new and existing digital techniques, they aim to enable users and designers to produce their clothes made to measure and on-demand. Sustainable, ethical and affordable.
  • 3D Fashion is the future because “The future is digital” – as Marlies Reukers states, who aims to digitise the fashion industry. Her mission is to make 3D happen in the design & development stages to create a more sustainable, transparent and effective workflow. At the moment she is spreading the word of 3D by organising trainings, workshops and supporting designers in 3D among all departments of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.
  • Lidewij Vera Arí van Twillert makes Haute Comforture Lingerie and Bold Jewelry with her label Arí van Twillert. She believes traditional craft(wo)manship should not be forgotten but reinforced with new technologies. All the garments she creates are completely bespoke and based on a personal 3D body scan.
  • De Steek is founded by Natalie de Koning, graduated in Fashion Design at the HKU (Bachelor) and Artez (Master). She has being giving weekly sewing lessons and workshops for years and also founded a number of pop-up shops under the name PULP. Both concepts have recently been merged under the name “De Steek”, a sewing café and a shop in one.

Pitch by:

  • Iris van Wees is currently graduating at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute as a 3D virtual fashion designer. She questions the fashion system by making intuitive experiments with the use of various virtual programs. She wants to pull the 3D virtual designs out of their perfect virtual surroundings, and place them into our own world using Augmented Reality.
  • Emma van Gerven is a fashion and design student with a specialisation in digital design and knitwear, currently graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Through a focus on sustainability, she searches for new solutions to the implementation of tech in the fashion system. At the same time, she is questioning if there is still an actual need for physical clothing through the use of VR and AR applications.

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About DDMP
Distributed Design is a new field emerging from the intersection of two global trends: the Maker Movement and the digitisation of the design discipline. This convergence has lead to the rise of a new market, in which creative individuals have access to digital tools that allow them to design, produce and fabricate products themselves and easily connect to a global network of tools and collaborators to undertake aspects of this process with them: the Distributed Design Market Platform (DDMP).

This event is in English
Thursday 25 Apr, 20.00
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