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Friso Kooijman

Street photographer Friso Kooijman captures his fascination for big cities.
This event is in English
Friday 30 Mar 2018, 12.00
vr 30 mrt 2018, 12.00

Walking, watching and photographing in the streets of metropolitan cities is addictive to photographer Friso Kooijman. The combination of lighting, shadows, intimacy and overview is rewarding to him, which is why he has been wandering the streets of Amsterdam for years.

Hunting for that one photo with the perfect contrast, the strong daylight versus harsh dark shadows at an arm’s length, is something that is familiar to Friso Kooijman. Sometimes he vanishes into the crowd, then he presents himself in order to provoke a glimpse of recognition or surprise. As a street photographer, you do not only need patience and interest, but also courage.

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