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GUP New & PdZ present

New Perspectives

A celebration of emerging photography talents that share their work and reveal how they get their pictures to be noticed.
This event is in English
Tuesday 28 Jan 2020, 20.00
di 28 jan 2020, 20.00
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Which emerging photography talents can't be missed in 2020? This evening we highlight the work of Ana Zibelnik, winner of the GUP New Dutch Photography Talent Award 2020 and the other finalists Sara Punt, Joep Hijwegen and Marc Elisabeth. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges for emerging photographers. What is it like to be a young photographer nowadays? Justine Tjallinks, featured in the 2015 edition of the book and successfully building an international career ever since, will elaborate on this theme from her personal experiences and perspective.

With contributions by:

  • Erik Vroons, senior editor at GUP Magazine, will share all the ins and outs of their publication. Numbers, dates, founders: where did it all start and mostly, why?
  • Roy Kahmann, the founder of GUP and GUP New, elaborates on photography talent and development. How do they support new emerging photographers? And what skills do they need nowadays?
  • Special screening of CAMERA DREAM a short film by Johan Kramer and Halal Films that Kramer made thinking about GUP
  • As a successful photographer, Justine Tjallinks knows all about creating an individual style. As a talent, she joined the Kahmann Gallery and meanwhile her work is discovered by an international audience. What has she learned during these years? What tips does she have for young photographers that are just starting out?
  • Presentations and Q&A’s with four GUP New finalists; Sara Punt on fine art photography and the secret of engaging with a new audience online, Joep Hijwegen on street photography, public domain and strange encounters, Marc Elisabeth on the importance of humor and failure in visual images and Ana Zibelnik, winner of the GUP new award, on the value of international experience and her project ‘We are the ones turning‘.


About GUP New: previously known as New Dutch Photography Talent, this annual printed platform features 100 emerging photography talents who present themselves to an (inter)national audience of professionals and photography fans. Since its launch in 2012, it has served as a game changer for many of the contributing photographers: we have witnessed included photographers getting signed by agents, their work sold via galleries, them being hired for assignments and many of these talents have meanwhile exhibited at venues all around the world. GUP New is powered by GUP Magazine and Brinkhof.

This event is in English
Tuesday 28 Jan 2020, 20.00
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