De Stad

Een Beurs Plein

A documentary by Sara Blom.
donderdag 12 sep 2013, 20.00
do 12 sep 2013, 20.00

On October 15 2011, inspired by the social movement “Occupy Wall Street”, large numbers of people in cities all over the world organized similar demonstrations against the growing social economic inequality.

This documentary shows the small community that developed in Amsterdam as a result of that demonstration. Because Sara Blom visited the square with her video camera every day for seven weeks the result is an intimate portrayal. It shows the evolution of the movement in a specific encampment, yet tells a universal story of the struggle for social change that took place on public square everywhere at the same time.

Producer/s: Sara Blom & Koffer en Blik mediaproducties
Camera: Sara Blom
Editing: Sara Blom and Jelle Redeker
Sound: Sara Blom and Julie Tabbers
Music: Tobias Borkert

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The evening will be opened by dr. Rivke Jaffe. After a short introduction by Sara Blom the documentary will be screened. The documentary will be followed by a presentation by Marianne Maeckelbergh. Afterwards there is room for discussion with the viewers, Sara Blom and Marianne Maeckelbergh.