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Dutch Cassidy

A little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll.
vrijdag 1 jul 2016, 18.00
vr 1 jul 2016, 18.00

A little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll. Songs that don’t shy away from describing intimate personal challenges and crossing lines. Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!” is how singer/songwriter Dutch Cassidy describes his songwriting.

Riding the vacuum cleaner with momma singing along to Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash coming from neighbor’s toolshed, it’s clear Dutch’s fondness for both genres originates in his early youth. Dutch’s melancholic guitar based songs have been likened to John Hiatt’s or Jason Isbell’s. With 25 years of music under his belt, Dutch Cassidy is no first timer. As a member of several bands he has explored a diversity of musical styles among which punk, rhythm & blues and the typically Dutch ‘smartlap’. With these bands he also published several recordings on the now defunct KELT label.

After a break Dutch Cassidy restarted his (solo) career as a singer-songwriter playing at THISSfest2014. Several well-known and popular venues such as The Waterhole and Maloe Melo in Amsterdam, De Libertijn, Brave Hendrik and De Bieb, in Den Haag followed quickly after.

Dutch blogs, lectures and teaches classes on songwriting for, an initiative devoted to the advancement of the songwriting craft.

Dutch Cassidy is currently recording an EP of his more recent work in cooperation with a selection of seasoned musicians. The EP will be released this year. STAY TUNED!