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Docu: Together

What is it that keeps people together? A story about this undeterminable and often illogical desire to stay together despite of all.
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Friday 29 Sept 2017, 20.00
vr 29 sep 2017, 20.00

Director Nenad Puhovski explores the ups and downs of relationships as seen through the eyes of the protagonists of this documentary. Together is a film about relationships which are not all roses. Instead, Puhovski presents five real-life stories of people struggling against loneliness and trying, with more or less success, to spend their life together with someone special.

Marija was married to her husband for almost forty years. Now that he is gone, she realizes just how important he was to her. Vlado and Marija are an intellectually and mentally challenged couple who has to work through their problems as a couple in addition to their difficulties with the world around them. Hrvoje is confined to a wheelchair but is still looking for the woman of his dreams, a search that has become increasingly frustrating for him. Milka and Ratka are a lesbian couple who care for one another deeply but have to contend with a world that discriminates against them. Krešo and Branka, on the other hand, have to contend with severe poverty in addition to troubles in their relationship.

As Puhovski studies his subjects, he delivers a close-up look at the hard work that goes into keeping two people together, and reveals that sometime having a lover does not make someone any less lonely.

  • Director: Nenad Puhovski
  • Croatia
  • 2009
  • Duration 87 minutes
  • English subtitles
This event is in English
Friday 29 Sept 2017, 20.00
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