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Screening and follow-up discussion

Docu: The Last African in Europe

Mo Hersi made a surprising documentary about migration. What will happen if all Europeans have to flee to Africa?
This event is in English
Friday 6 Mar, 20.00
vr 6 mrt, 20.00
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During this evening we will watch the mockumentary of comedian and program maker Mo Hersi. Mo, fled from Ethiopia with his family at the age of three, shows a worldview based on humor and imagination in which all roles seem to have been reversed. Europe is in crisis - the Netherlands is flooded - and Europeans are looking for a safe return. Africa seems a logical choice, but the continent has closed its borders for white people.

Met in dit programma onder anderen

VersPers offers young and enthusiastic makers the opportunity to make documentaries. On a VersPers trip to Sicily and Athens, the makers were commissioned to make a documentary based on the theme ‘Migration’. The films were also made as part of the international project Lost in Europe. Renowned investigative journalists worked together within this project to trace 10,000 migrant children who have disappeared in Europe, to record their stories and to map the (criminal) networks they encountered on their way.

Deel I

In the opening act we will watch three short documentaries (in Dutch):

  1. Achttien by Joost van Beek
  2. Mustafa by Malou van Breevoort
  3. Diploma by Aurora Peters

A short discussion with these makers follows.

Deel II
The Mockumentary by Mo Hersi – The Last African in Europe follows (with English subtitles). The documentary shows a fictional image of the future, but it also holds up a mirror to us. Only certain people are welcome as refugees in Africa. what does this look like in reality? What would actually happen if Africa closed its borders? And what world view is at the basis of the current migration policy?

In the follow-up talk, Mo Hersi discusses the mockumentary and the topics of migration, refugees, equality and more together with Max Koffi, Ilmirah Okandze and Arno Peperkoorn.

This event is in English
Friday 6 Mar, 20.00
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