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Docu: The Age of Loneliness

People from all walks of life talk about their experiences with loneliness. With a Q&A with social scientist Marina Jonkers, Quinda Verheul and Alet Klarenbeek.
This event is in English
Tuesday 26 Sept 2017, 20.00
di 26 sep 2017, 20.00

Lonely. It could be you. It could be me. There are millions of us out there. Award-winning filmmaker Sue Bourne believes loneliness has to be talked about. It affects so many of us in so many different ways and at so many different stages of our lives. So she went out to find people brave enough to go on camera and talk about their loneliness.

Q&A – Let’s talk loneliness

After the documentary, we will open up the discussion on loneliness with social scientist Marina JonkersQuinda Verheul, who is coordinator at Floor Ziegler, and Alet Klarenbeek, founder of UP! and MOAI.

  • Marina Jonkers is currently a senior researcher at Hogeschool Rotterdam, where she studies elderly migrants who live at home. In the past, she has done research that focuses on social isolation: how do you recognise it and what can you do to confront it?
  • Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Quinda Verheul coordinates several projects by Floor Ziegler. Together with the ‘Dwarszit’ team, Quinda and Floor want to confront loneliness in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. How do you do that, ‘Dwarszitten’? Simple. Just by asking the other: what is bugging you or what is it that you worry about? Did you ever feel lonely or do you know someone who feels lonely?
  • The amount of elderly people is rising and is changing our society. The contemporary, most often negative stereotyping of these elderly people is, however, no longer appropriate. Alet Klarenbeek is founder of UP! and MOAI. Both initiatives remove itself from the divide between young and old and give stage to a more realistic, inspirational and activating image of what ageing entails. It is important that we, especially now, look after each other more and bridge the gap between young and old.

About the documentary

The Age of Loneliness has people of all ages in it, from Isobel the 19-year-old student to Olive the feisty 100-year-old, Ben the divorcee, Jaye the 40-year-old singleton, Richard the 72-year-old internet-dating widower, to Martin, Iain and Christine talking about their mental health problems. Everyone talks with such remarkable honesty and bravery that you can’t help but be touched by their stories.

  • Sue Bourne
  • 2017
  • English spoken
  • Duration 60 minutes

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This event is in English
Tuesday 26 Sept 2017, 20.00
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